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Drinking water filter PROaqua 4200

- the multi-barrier-system -

Drinking water filter PROaqua 4200 was developed to filter out pollutants of all kinds and concentrations. The information you will find on this homepage should give you an idea of the effectiveness and the high quality of the filtration reached with PROaqua 4200. All statements and general information are based on expert's reports and tests of independent institutes and governmental authorities .

§ PROaqua is the only water filter of its kind that received a hygiene certification and complies to medical standards.

§ Filters out water pollutants completely, i.e. below the limit of proof, among them nitrate, nitrite, lime, solvents, chlorine, heavy metals, residues of antibiotics, pseudo-hormones, bacteria, micro organisms, parasites, viruses, spores etc. and provides for absolute safety in the case of unexpected contamination.

§ Inspected and tested by the regional authority of health (Bavaria), the Bavarian Institute of Farming, the Max-v.-Pettenkofer-Institute of Virology, the Austrian ministry of health etc..